Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interview with Fashion Monarch!!!

Let's just get to it! Here we go....!

Me- Ok! First, thanks for doing this! Now here is a question most people may have asked already...your suite is stunning! You have not been a member for long, how do you do it? Doesn't that cost a lot of sd?

FashionMonarch- It does but I always try to find good deals on the star bazar and that is where I spend most of my time on stardoll, but tbh I have mazimized my account once and that was enough for me to pay for all of the rooms so far.

Me- Now, your sceneries...Also gorgeous! For example, Classic's very unique! Inspiration behind that? Did anyone possibly give you tips on presentation making, or did you discover it yourself?

Fashionmonarch- for my sceneries I usually get inspired by music or movies , for classic beauty I was inspired by two of my favorite fashion icons Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. For my presentation I asked a friend of mine in the clubs and she told me how to do it.

Me- How are you doing with all of the publicity you have been getting? You have been featured on some of stardoll's most famous blogs, not to cann add this one to your list!

FashionMonarch- I won't lie to you but it felt nice to see that my hard work is being recognized by others, and I do get more people commenting on my GB now but I don't really feel like things have changed drastically.

Me- Hahaha, sorry! Well I guess...since when? Any inspirations for them? Your designs are VERY good! (I adore the Death Note one!)

Fashionmonarch- I think I started trying my luck with designing the first week I joined stardoll, I saw some of Joanne1305 and KWcat designs and I was amazed, so I thought I should make some and I'm good at drawing and designing IRL.

Me- Very interesting! You just must be a truly artistic and creative person! I cant believe what the inside of your brain must look like! Well, that would be it! I hope you had fun doing this like I did! Maybe we will catch up with you soon! :] And done!

Fahionmonarch- Thanks I truly enjoyed this and I want to thank you again for choosing me it is so nice of you :)

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