Stardoll's Top Members

What is it?
I am going to start picking members who should be known for something they do or maybe just who they are! It could be anyone I choose!

When is it?
There isn't a specific time! If I or any of the other writers see someone who is worth writing about or even interviewing we will blog about it!

How can I be STM?
Just be yourself! We are all talented in our ways! You can't just ask but you can definitely give us a 'hint'!

What do I win?
There is no 'Prize' except being known as STM! There will also be a list here with EVERYONE who has ever been STM and the link to their post/interview! Maybe I should start giving out small awards, but you really just win glory!


| The official STM list |

#1 Musicwench (1/18/11)
Was recognized for starting and succeeding a Stardoll business! 
Click here for the post!

#2 ---dani---789 (4/10/11)
Was recognized for her amazing creativity with layering and outfits!
Click here for the post!