Friday, April 29, 2011


So the dogs grew up! I am kinda pissed...I never got a photo of what mine looked like as a pup! :P Let me start with my photos! Here is what the cute dogs look like now! Some are better, and some are eh in my opinion:
I got lucky with mine, the one I chose was not the best at first but now it's one of the best! :D

And all the people who bought a dog all received that green carrier in the picture above!

What do you think?

I love you all!

I haven't posted in a while, super sorry!

I have been gone but that's no excuse!

New post soon from me and all my writers!

I have been writing on another blog recently too, but there are a lot of haters -.-

Luv you all!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hotbuys out times 2!

Yes, there are two new hotbuys out!

The first is the Garter Tank from Bizou!

Real life version:

picture obviously from

The second hotbuys which has been released a day early is the Hot Buys Dress from RIO:

Real life versi
obviously again from

The first one I AM IN LOVE with! It is nice, pretty, not to mention sexy (:P) and it only costs 18sd, which is not that bad in my opinion!

The second hotbuys cost .... get ready...

30 stardollars

I hope that price is a glitch...

What do you think?

Post a picture of your doll wearing the clothes and you will be featured!

Monday, April 18, 2011

LE out....

First of all I would like to feature JanaStarlite! She sent an outfit of her doll wearing the latest hotbuy! Be sure to leave a comment with your doll wearing the hotbuy next time!

On with the post:


Well...was out...I missed it and EVERYTHING I WANTED WAS GONE! So if anyone could make a trade with me or sell me some cheap when you can...ANYWHO:

pictures from

By the way, the reason I got my pictures from another blog is because they had a clear photo...if I got my own, all the prices would have crossed over them...

I really like this collection, and personally I wanted all the dresses (which didn't happen) but everything is bright, and neon! Very in with the whole spring feel!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hotbuys shoes!

Hotbuys shoes out:

picture from

I personally don't like these shoes, I think they are just too odd....

Real life version:
picture from

What do you think about these?


Friday, April 15, 2011

LE spoilers and Terms...

First of all, YES! LE spoilers!!

I absolutely love the dresses in the first picture! Some of the jewelery is great! I think the graphics for the bikinis and armwarmers are quite bad...


Stardoll recently sent a message out about changes in the rules and such...I decided hey! I want to go and read these new stardoll rules!


I got to the page and saw it was about 40 paragraphs...

so yeah :D But if you want to read it :

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hotbuys for SALE!

Hotbuys for sale! Hotbuys for sale! How I love...HOTBUYS FOR SALE!

Can you find the 3 hotbuys for sale in this picture?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Shop : PIX

Stardoll has added new shop in "Decor" section in Starplaza Called PIX

It was a Photography store..
yaay.. i am really obsessed with photograph actually..

so do you like it?
i am totally obsessed!


Monday, April 11, 2011

New store!

Yes! There is a new store, it's called: Perfect Day!

Picture from Stardoll's Most Wanted!

It's all dresses and fancy clothing and such! There was also a glitch when the store FIRST same out that it was all free! When I went to look, sadly only one item was but hey! Better then nothing!

I like this store! 4 floors, prices aren't HORRIBLE and some things are non-ss!

Real quick!

Is it me or do these look alike?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stardoll's Top Member!!

No, I have not dropped this idea!

Everyone I ask never wants to do the interview, but finally someone has agreed!


Here is my interview with Danielle!

ILA28- Hey Danielle, thanks for letting me interview you :D

D- No problem :P

ILA28- You may not know this, but you are known for your outfits! How do you think of them?

D- Well I've never heard that :L My outfits are just weird really, I don't know why people like them xD I just put clothes together and try to make them how i think they look good:)

IL28- Who is inspirational to you?

D- There's only one person who is inspirational to me really and that is Petra:D Shes so talented at everything and she always amazes me with the stuff she does. As well as that she has a super amazing personality too so yeah really shes just inspirational to me in every aspect:D

IL28- Everyone knows the relationship you and Petra [shakira_avril] hold, how did it all start? What's it like being best friends with someone over the internet?

D- Its really annoying how everyone thinks of us as internet bestfriends, it's insulting ¬.¬ We have never and will never think of each other like that and anyone who does is stupid really. It started exactly a year ago and since then we have gotten so close and tell each other everything, I love her so much and shes the most important person in my life :D

IL28- You have won covergirl before, planning to go again? Maybe something else like NCG or best scenery?

D- I have no idea really :P I don't have any plans and to be honest winning covergirl again doesnt really interest me anymore:)

IL28- From your presentation, you obviously don't like being called Dani, so why the username? Did you just never expect people to call you Dani so much? :P

D- I made this account when i was young, I have no idea why i put Dani because ive always hated to be called that, It just annoys me and I dont understand why people cant call me by my real name:P
Hope you all enjoyed this! Follow+comment! Be sure to check out ---dani---789

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two little makeovers for ya!

So I was bored and decided to do two quick TOTALLY opposite makeovers! Also, it's to show you that you can be truly inspired by ANYTHING and re-create it! Make it yours! :D

Marilyn Monroe:This look was a little easy to re-create, but it came out great! Everything in my opinion is right on! You can tell who it is by looking! This look is good for anyone going for that classy appeal!

Raquel Reed:
This look was just pure fun to re-create! It's for anyone who wants something different, and unique! You can't really tell who it is...mostly because people don't know who Raquel Reed is, but the look is still close to the real one! For anyone who wants to stand out, and be spunkyyy!


Writing for....

Just wanted to say I will now be doing double duty (Heh...duty)

I am now an official writer for Beg For More:

Friday, April 8, 2011


New Pet-A-Porter

Picture from

I like these better then the cat..sadly the ONE I wanted was sold out when I looked so I settled on another. You can buy the background to this store, the interior. It's nice, but I am just not going to spend that much sd on one...

I can right now confirm that these animals are SUPPOSED to grow...I for some reason did not know that before!

I guess it is kinda themed:


New hotbuy from yesterday-

-1o stardollars
-Yellow&&pink clutch
-Superstar only (as always)
-From Folk

I think this clutch is so-so. It could be cute if you pair it with the right outfit, though. It could be worse.

I give it a 6.1O.

What do you think?
Will you be buying?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi Stardollians !
I'm Mikaela/iiDorkieDino, and I'm a new writer here at this fabulous blog!

I will be writing about the basics-
- Hotbuys
- Other new/controversial clothes
- Sales
- Promotions
- Etc.

So basically, I'm writing mainly about fashion.
And that's because I love fashion.
Here are other things you should know about me-
-I'm 12 years old
-I live in a big city
-I don't have ANY designer clothing
-I love to shop
-I am usually a bubbly, friendly person
-I don't take ahem.... insults about me very well
-I love to answer your questions and make friends

I think that's all you need to know for now, but if you have any questions for me, comment below or in my guestbook on Stardoll at iiDorkieDino.

I really look forward to writing for Stardoll Philosophy, and I hope you enjoy my posts.

Tata for now,


Hey again!
Time for spoiler!
there is 2 new interiors a bag and few cute puppies..
(Naww.. they are so cute.)

Maybe they're 2nd collection of Pet-A-Porter ?
I Hope they not that expensive :'(


SALEREA 25% At Voile

Hey all!
Voile shop give us 25% off in each items there

What Do you think?
will you buy any of them?