Sunday, January 30, 2011

Disney actually IS buying stardoll....?!

So every blog has been posting about this;now it's our turn!

Rumors went around that stardoll was going to be SOLD to disney:

Click to Enlarge. Picture from Facebookxx

So people believed, some freaked out, some claim it was a rumor...I mean Disneydoll? Sorry peeps, but if it all happens, I am leaving Stardoll! But then this...

Click to Enlarge. Picture from Stardoll's Most Wantedxx

You may ask...How do I know this is real? Here is the link!

Click here
Link from SMW

And so is this real? It must be! No member could have made that website!

What do you think about all this? Would you leave Stardoll if these changes did in fact occur?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stardoll Stuff Up

Helloo stardollians! :D ybother45 here! Yes, you may have heard little rumors about me leaving stardoll, they are untrue. Instead, i'm taking a small break and not engaging in any fights this week. :/ lol, instead, i'll only focus on the happy stuff :D Including stardolls glitches and stuff ups, heres stardolls first major stuff up. This happens to all of us, stardoll says, "You have 9 new guestbook messages!" You say, "Yay!!!" You look, and theres ONE guestbook comment, NOT NINE, ONE. Then you say, "Dammit, stardoll, get it right!!" The same happens with my messages. Today stardoll told me I had 33 new messages, as seen below, but when I checked, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Stupid stardoll. ^^ You have too many glitches nowadays. lol, sorry for the fuzzy pic :P My netbook can't take too many screenshots before it gives up!! :D Maybe if you enlarge it, it'll look better, I hope so.

"Dammit stardoll, get it right!!"-My catchy new catch phrase :P Stardolls saviour, ybother45 :D x

February Hot Buys

I absolutely LOVE the upcoming month's Hot Buys! Everything is amazing and I will be purchasing every item! I love the graphics, too. Has anyone noticed that there are actual 'backs' to the clothing items. For example, the jacket has an inside or back. As do the shirt, dress, and shoes.. They have tags that read 'Stardoll'. Do you think they'll be like that in the shops when released?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Some new changes in the beauty parlor that i hate and love.

There's new face shapes , which are only for superstar .
There's a new background , and you can zoom in and out .
There's also new eyes , which i love love ! But they are also for superstar.
I think this whole superstar thing is horrible ... i think non superstars can also
use these new features too . BUT NO . Stardoll is just being a greedy booty . :P

Monday, January 24, 2011


My good friend Rhea.Rox recently was hacked by pet-lovers and her sister charlotte-224. These girls are big but little known hackers. Plus, they're bringing me in to all of this, posting lies on their presentations and all sorts. Telling me I need to get a life, that Rhea.Rox's medoll is ugly, etc. What do YOU think about all this? ~ybother45/Kay~

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Found yet another wonderous guestbook comment today. Handsome?? Yeah, right! 'suit' chat?
Never heard of it, maybe you mean suite chat. lol.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Royalty taking over?

Helloo stardollians, ybother45 here! Like my new banner? I think it makes my medoll look like a real person! lol, hope you didn't expect anything better, i'm not good with graphics, I just used a screenshot on photobucket! ^^

In the past few weeks, i've been checking the top broadcasters list, and it seems that the majority of people who manage to get on this list are stardoll royalty, not just plain superstars. Could it be that royalty are taking over? I know that I, ybother45, am royalty, but still, it used to be that more superstars broadcast, but then again, the royalty club is just for those members who are willing to fork over their money to buy refills to stay in the club, which means they probably buy more stardollars so they have more than average superstars to broacast with. Believe me though, nothing special happens in this club, most of its just advertising and some strange game called 'Lingo', lol. ~ybother45~

Modern Babushka

Stardoll has come out with a new line in Starplaza.

What do you think of the clothing items?
I personally like some, but others I can live without!

Uhhh....For real?

Uh, so is this what you call hacking?

Sorry for my poor language and drawing skills! But basically this person asked me if I wanted LE that was free, then she CLAIMED that her aunt was Callie.Stardoll! Uhhh, seriously? If her aunt was callie.stardoll wouldn't she be Royalty, or even SS?!

Bottom line, hackers=pathetic

Step by step butterfly make-up tutorial

Here's a look I just randomly 'created' one day. To get this look, use a black colored, thick mascara on the eyes of your medoll, then take the black eyeshadow and swipe the outer side of each eye in a sided oval shape, then color half of the black eyeshadow in purple, and color half of the purple in white eyeshadow. When you've done that, use a light red-pink blush and use it in a half-circular motion on each side of your medoll's cheeks. Finish with a bit of Luxe Lip Gloss on the lips. This look goes well with the 2000 starpoint hair, as shown on my medoll.

Uhh, glitch or...real?!

^Just a graphic I made today so yeah!^

So I am not sure if this is a glitch or real, but uh...I am confused! I mean non-ss can't sell clothes...

Comment and Follow!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Two creeps and a wannabe hacker

So I get on stardoll and see I have three new guestbook comments, I click on my page and find these. I even have my own name for these three; Two creeps and a wannabe hacker. I'm guessing, since the 'hacker' is called Italian-galMaf, she is a part of the ever so famous, Stardoll Italian Mafia. What really gets me is the way 'she' said it, "Do you mind if I could have your password?" As long as they're polite.. lol...
What really scares me, is that these boys are calling my medoll, which is a cartoonic dress-up doll on a screen, cute and pretty. Comments like these just prove how weird people on Stardoll can get.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Helloo :D

Hey(: I'm ybother45, better known as Kayla, my alter ego, on stardoll! Well, i'm a new writer for stardoll-philosophy and just want to say a HUGE thankyou to iloveanimals28 for allowing me to write for her amazing blog! I promise to be active and do as many posts as I can every week! I'll be covering hacks/scams and suites, my favourite topics! ^^ See you all 'round! -ybother45

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

STM's first ever top member! Musicwench

- click here to learn about STM -

OUR FIRST EVER STM INTERVIEW! Our first ever was with Musicwench! She was recognized for something we all try to do one time or another! She has actually created a stardoll business! Here is our interview!

ILA28: Was it hard at first to get it all going? To be able to sell and have money for broadcasting AND for your own pleasures?

MW: I had to spend about $2400 in stardollars I bought to get it going. It was a lot of trial and error and it took me about 6 months to get profitable on a regular basis. I kept to a budget and finally got things going well. I learned pricing and figured what the best selling prices were - not necessarily the cheapest, just the optimum pricing point. Sometimes I miss but that's okay. In the end it works out in my favor. I also keep an eye out for best sellers and bargains.

ILA28: Are you just a person who broadcasts or do you even do the whole guestbook thing too?

MW: I tend to just broadcast. It takes too much time to visit individual guestbooks. Plus sometimes people get mad. I do post once in a while if I see a broadcast where people ask people to tell them about sales.

ILA28: About how many stardollars a week would you say you make?

MW: It depends on how much I broadcast. It really is the best way to go. I spent about $500 sd on broadcasts this weekend but made about $3,000 sd. During the week I don't make as much - maybe a couple of hundred a day so the weekend is the best time to advertise. There are more people on and the chances of getting customers is higher. During the week I do get regular visitors who stop by just to see what I've got.

ILA28: You buy new clothes, and then sell them! No problem! What does fashion mean to you?

MW: Fashion to me is whatever I like. lol I like a lot of different looks. I love goth but I also love pink and lacy. Mostly it depends on my mood. I also like creating new outfits by combining different clothing items. I don't have much time for that during the week but I try to come up with interesting combinations on the weekend. It's been a lot easier to make money since Stardoll raised the prices in Star Bazaar. Didn't make as much as I do now. Still profitable but not like now!

It's nice to have stardollars all the time. :-)


Hope you all enjoyed it! Follow and comment!


Play and earn doll, UPDATED! YAY!

SO Remember my rant about how they didn't update the Play and Earn doll? WELL THEY DID! And it's cute!

Maybe it's ok that they were late! Their graphic designers have been so busy lately! The new doll, hair update, eye brows, and now new eyes! What's next? COMMENT/FOLLOW!

Today's Spoilers !

Here are some today's spoilers . (: Enjoy ! xx ( the pic. is provided from SMW )


Stardoll has finally made new eyes ! I personally love them (: i can't wait to try them on ... what else are they gonna make new ? Cross your fingers for some new mouths !!

January Hot Buys 2011


Hot Buys Shoes (RIO, 11sd) have been released:

Hot Buys Star Skirt (Evil Panda, 15 sd) has also been released:

Hot Buys Feather Pants (Fallen Angel, 13 sd) has been released:

Hot Buys Bow Sweater (Bisou, 15 sd) has been released:

How do you like them? Will you buy it?


Monday, January 17, 2011

SMW's Launch YOUR designing line!!!

So I believe this idea is just great! I really love it! So cool! One of stardoll's most popular blogs Stardoll's Most Wanted created just such a great competition!

The competition is to design, send them some pictures and then you could win 600 stardollars!


Go enter today! The blogs link to the post is

Stardoll getting lazy?

So first of all I am pissed right now! I usually want to keep this blog I shall get my anger out in a civilized way!!!

It's sucks enough that we only get play and earn for such (what I think) a limited time! But we do all like getting those cute little dolls as well right? Well lookie at this:

UHHHHH? Look familiar? BECAUSE IT IS! This is the same one we got last time and stardoll is telling me that it's the new one? I THINK NOT!

What I am mad about is stardoll FINALLY released the 90,000,000 'gift' kind of things...LIKE 2 DAYS LATE! And look! They are not even that...UGHHH

They are not THAT great, and they are expensive+SS! What is their to celebrate?!

Picture from stardoll's most wanted
-because I was too lazy to make my own...-

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have SS finally taken over?

So doing my usual everyday Stardoll run I was looking at the starplaza. We all usually THINK there are more regular members then SS but have SS members finally taken over? Here is possibly evidence proving so...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Doll.

There's a new doll that was just release , her name is Jessica White . She's an American actress, and a model . I think that stardoll did a good job on her doll , and i also like some of her clothes ! What do you think about the new doll ?

90 Million Members ? No Prize ?

Yes, Stardoll has just recently hit 90 million members . I think they forgot that we're suppose to get some free stuff , some lottery or any stardollars ? I wonder what Stardoll has in store for our 90 million members , or maybe they will just forget about it ? Who knows !

Thursday, January 13, 2011


So I was just wondering stardoll and was bored so I was going to rate some designs! BUT something I noticed is that on the top designers list...Keira-V wasn't there! It really hocked me because she is like ALWAYS THERE!

This was just a little fun post for ya!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What do YOU think ?

what do you think we should do ? US the writers and the owner should do , to make this blog more active . Should we do more comps.? Tell us in comments !

Beauty Parlor Makeover

I am amazed at the makeover of the beauty parlor! First it was new settings and tabs like in Minnie's previous post. Things such as the new undo, redo, and clear:

The clear makeup only pops up when you're under the tab titled, 'Makeup'. (It makes sense.)
The undo is basically the same.
The redo is also.

Something else that completely shocked me was the hairs! All of them (most and not SS) have been enhanced! They look amazing, all the bad-looking ones now look so much better. The graphics of the hairs are good too. Stardoll has been working on that. The hairs are below:

Also, two of the early Starpoint rewards have been done.

What do you think of the makeover? I love it! Tell what you think of it in comments and try on one of the new hairstyles on your medoll!