Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Full screen

I feel horrible about my absence and negligence towards this blog! I will be sure to get the other writers to be active and I myself will be more active! School has been extremely hectic, although that is no excuse.

Anyways, you can now style you stardoll suite in full screen!

and it is nice to those who spend a lot of time decorating their suites, the only critique I have is that the graphics get a little shitty ('scuse me!) but I can definitely see myself using this new feature...oddly enough!-full screen mode-

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weather changes!

So we should all know what the Beach Villa is by now! If not, go to a recent post on this blog where it covers more of the facts!

So while looking at various suites and talking to dear friends, I saw them all wow everyone away with the style and creations with the Beach Villa! I noticed something very interesting! Everyone seemed to have very different backgrounds...different small things...or even bigger, more noticeable changes!

So while Freeduck_ (Jack :3) and beautybabe2 soaked up the sun and enjoyed watching the boats go by, and the birds, poor Ghandoora (Ghadeer :D) has her little date rained on!

It is interesting to see the changes! I even realized yesterday that they even change to night! I saw a beautiful sunset at one suite, and this is why ladies and gentlemen, I am buying a Beach Villa! :D Yes, the fantastic view has convinced me!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Villa...

Doll mail today!

So the Beach Villa came out today!

It is like the penthouse, you buy a new set of rooms and then it is just like your suite, you are free to design it, save your doll in it, etc.

It is pretty, but personally, this is killing me.

In these new stardoll says, it is harder to earn stardollars, and for the average person who doesn't have a LOT of money in real life to burn, it is hard to get stardollars! I only have 200 right now, and so what? Am I expected to spend 199 just like that!?

I am not going to be buying this until I have more sd, but will you?

I am going to use Poogh_1993's suite as an example of what the Beach Villa looks like:

click to enlargexx

Will you be buying? Did you already buy it? Was it worth it?


Quick update, now you can drag items into a suite, I find this VERY useful..the next update we need is to be able to try on things at the starbazzar!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Closed for changes?

SO Stardoll is currently closed for changes?

Certain pages work, and a few (like club pages) have pop-ups like this one!

Does this maybe have to do with the whole Beach Villa Hawaiian theme?

SPEAKING of which, in Stardoll Royalty realeased spoilers!

Click to enlarge, of course!


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yes, there is a new collection at the Starplaza:

Some of the clothes are nice, but since this whole starcoin recession, I can't really invest in any of these at the moment!

By the way, is it me, or do these seem relative to the recent videos and mysterious messages sent to us on stardoll??


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Starcoins-New Curency! AND Mysterious DollMail letters RELEASED!

SO today..many many things are happening! Let me start with STARCOINS!

Stardoll has developed a new currency! When you first log on you see:I was wondering what it was, and decided to read more about them:So basically, Non-SS don't have stardollars anymore...so everything you can buy with SD are basically SS...That kinda sucks. But they can recycle now..ALSO when I went to check out prices for star coin items, they were all priced at 40+ and I thought it was a lot until I realized that YOU CAN EARN 40 A DAY! So what do you think about this?



Stardoll's recent mysterious messages have been odd, one being a phone, and another being a scene of a beach...but all may soon be released! When I logged in today, I saw a video:

The first picture being the ending of the video, and the second picture being the beginning! The video was short, and interesting to watch! The graphics were decent and it was cool to watch the plot with all the messages with the phone!

I think Stardoll might go Hawaiian soon? I am very excited! So many changes, first the money and now this!

What do you think about the video? Yay or Nay??

Sunday, May 8, 2011


New doll release!

Paula Patton starred in a newly released movie Jumping the Broom.

Posted by happymadds (:

Hot Buys Shorts Is Out!

Hi Everybody..
The Hot Buys Short is OUT!

i liked it so far..
It was 10 stardollars and from Fudge Shop...
the price is quite cheap for a HB.. 

so do you like it?
will you buy it?


I don't know...

Doll mail alert!

Auto Reply: Island bound?

At first I thought this maybe had to do with the I-Phone Stardoll app...but it seems that my friends who do not have the app received this message...?

Any guesses on what it is?