Monday, December 13, 2010

Stardoll is a DATING website? Tips and tricks

So here is one thing, between us girls ;) Yeah! We like guys! Ever heard Gaga's song Boys boys boys? It's SO true! We can't deny it! But online dating? ESPECIALLY on stardoll! That's one thing that should never happen! How much of a relationship can you really have on there?! I personally find it creepy, ever get one of these?
FIRST OF ALL, think of how you have a REAL LIFE with REAL BOYS who could really like you! Don't go with a dude who thinks your MEDOL IS hot! C'mon! Talk about being shallow! ALSO, most guys join and make their medoll 'look good' and nothing like them! AND it's easy to lie on a site like stardoll! You don't know who's on the other side!

Now if you somehow find a good friend who IS a boy on stardoll, and they don't hit on you, etc, roll with it, but know the difference from being friends and crossing the line;D

xoxo iloveanimals28
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  1. heey.. im swtheartbabe from stardoll... neew heree.. lol i get thosee a lot... heehee i deny!.