Tuesday, January 18, 2011

STM's first ever top member! Musicwench

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OUR FIRST EVER STM INTERVIEW! Our first ever was with Musicwench! She was recognized for something we all try to do one time or another! She has actually created a stardoll business! Here is our interview!

ILA28: Was it hard at first to get it all going? To be able to sell and have money for broadcasting AND for your own pleasures?

MW: I had to spend about $2400 in stardollars I bought to get it going. It was a lot of trial and error and it took me about 6 months to get profitable on a regular basis. I kept to a budget and finally got things going well. I learned pricing and figured what the best selling prices were - not necessarily the cheapest, just the optimum pricing point. Sometimes I miss but that's okay. In the end it works out in my favor. I also keep an eye out for best sellers and bargains.

ILA28: Are you just a person who broadcasts or do you even do the whole guestbook thing too?

MW: I tend to just broadcast. It takes too much time to visit individual guestbooks. Plus sometimes people get mad. I do post once in a while if I see a broadcast where people ask people to tell them about sales.

ILA28: About how many stardollars a week would you say you make?

MW: It depends on how much I broadcast. It really is the best way to go. I spent about $500 sd on broadcasts this weekend but made about $3,000 sd. During the week I don't make as much - maybe a couple of hundred a day so the weekend is the best time to advertise. There are more people on and the chances of getting customers is higher. During the week I do get regular visitors who stop by just to see what I've got.

ILA28: You buy new clothes, and then sell them! No problem! What does fashion mean to you?

MW: Fashion to me is whatever I like. lol I like a lot of different looks. I love goth but I also love pink and lacy. Mostly it depends on my mood. I also like creating new outfits by combining different clothing items. I don't have much time for that during the week but I try to come up with interesting combinations on the weekend. It's been a lot easier to make money since Stardoll raised the prices in Star Bazaar. Didn't make as much as I do now. Still profitable but not like now!

It's nice to have stardollars all the time. :-)


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