Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stardoll's Top Member!!

No, I have not dropped this idea!

Everyone I ask never wants to do the interview, but finally someone has agreed!


Here is my interview with Danielle!

ILA28- Hey Danielle, thanks for letting me interview you :D

D- No problem :P

ILA28- You may not know this, but you are known for your outfits! How do you think of them?

D- Well I've never heard that :L My outfits are just weird really, I don't know why people like them xD I just put clothes together and try to make them how i think they look good:)

IL28- Who is inspirational to you?

D- There's only one person who is inspirational to me really and that is Petra:D Shes so talented at everything and she always amazes me with the stuff she does. As well as that she has a super amazing personality too so yeah really shes just inspirational to me in every aspect:D

IL28- Everyone knows the relationship you and Petra [shakira_avril] hold, how did it all start? What's it like being best friends with someone over the internet?

D- Its really annoying how everyone thinks of us as internet bestfriends, it's insulting ¬.¬ We have never and will never think of each other like that and anyone who does is stupid really. It started exactly a year ago and since then we have gotten so close and tell each other everything, I love her so much and shes the most important person in my life :D

IL28- You have won covergirl before, planning to go again? Maybe something else like NCG or best scenery?

D- I have no idea really :P I don't have any plans and to be honest winning covergirl again doesnt really interest me anymore:)

IL28- From your presentation, you obviously don't like being called Dani, so why the username? Did you just never expect people to call you Dani so much? :P

D- I made this account when i was young, I have no idea why i put Dani because ive always hated to be called that, It just annoys me and I dont understand why people cant call me by my real name:P
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  1. Danielle, I am with you on being called by your real name. I think nicknames are very cool, but only if YOU authorize it yourself.

    BTW, thanks for the cool interview. I enjoyed reading it.