Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weather changes!

So we should all know what the Beach Villa is by now! If not, go to a recent post on this blog where it covers more of the facts!

So while looking at various suites and talking to dear friends, I saw them all wow everyone away with the style and creations with the Beach Villa! I noticed something very interesting! Everyone seemed to have very different backgrounds...different small things...or even bigger, more noticeable changes!

So while Freeduck_ (Jack :3) and beautybabe2 soaked up the sun and enjoyed watching the boats go by, and the birds, poor Ghandoora (Ghadeer :D) has her little date rained on!

It is interesting to see the changes! I even realized yesterday that they even change to night! I saw a beautiful sunset at one suite, and this is why ladies and gentlemen, I am buying a Beach Villa! :D Yes, the fantastic view has convinced me!

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