Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Villa...

Doll mail today!

So the Beach Villa came out today!

It is like the penthouse, you buy a new set of rooms and then it is just like your suite, you are free to design it, save your doll in it, etc.

It is pretty, but personally, this is killing me.

In these new stardoll says, it is harder to earn stardollars, and for the average person who doesn't have a LOT of money in real life to burn, it is hard to get stardollars! I only have 200 right now, and so what? Am I expected to spend 199 just like that!?

I am not going to be buying this until I have more sd, but will you?

I am going to use Poogh_1993's suite as an example of what the Beach Villa looks like:

click to enlargexx

Will you be buying? Did you already buy it? Was it worth it?


Quick update, now you can drag items into a suite, I find this VERY useful..the next update we need is to be able to try on things at the starbazzar!

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