Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stardoll Stuff Up

Helloo stardollians! :D ybother45 here! Yes, you may have heard little rumors about me leaving stardoll, they are untrue. Instead, i'm taking a small break and not engaging in any fights this week. :/ lol, instead, i'll only focus on the happy stuff :D Including stardolls glitches and stuff ups, heres stardolls first major stuff up. This happens to all of us, stardoll says, "You have 9 new guestbook messages!" You say, "Yay!!!" You look, and theres ONE guestbook comment, NOT NINE, ONE. Then you say, "Dammit, stardoll, get it right!!" The same happens with my messages. Today stardoll told me I had 33 new messages, as seen below, but when I checked, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Stupid stardoll. ^^ You have too many glitches nowadays. lol, sorry for the fuzzy pic :P My netbook can't take too many screenshots before it gives up!! :D Maybe if you enlarge it, it'll look better, I hope so.

"Dammit stardoll, get it right!!"-My catchy new catch phrase :P Stardolls saviour, ybother45 :D x

1 comment:

  1. They Have been doing that for a while. I got used to it teehee