Monday, January 17, 2011

Stardoll getting lazy?

So first of all I am pissed right now! I usually want to keep this blog I shall get my anger out in a civilized way!!!

It's sucks enough that we only get play and earn for such (what I think) a limited time! But we do all like getting those cute little dolls as well right? Well lookie at this:

UHHHHH? Look familiar? BECAUSE IT IS! This is the same one we got last time and stardoll is telling me that it's the new one? I THINK NOT!

What I am mad about is stardoll FINALLY released the 90,000,000 'gift' kind of things...LIKE 2 DAYS LATE! And look! They are not even that...UGHHH

They are not THAT great, and they are expensive+SS! What is their to celebrate?!

Picture from stardoll's most wanted
-because I was too lazy to make my own...-

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