Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi Stardollians !
I'm Mikaela/iiDorkieDino, and I'm a new writer here at this fabulous blog!

I will be writing about the basics-
- Hotbuys
- Other new/controversial clothes
- Sales
- Promotions
- Etc.

So basically, I'm writing mainly about fashion.
And that's because I love fashion.
Here are other things you should know about me-
-I'm 12 years old
-I live in a big city
-I don't have ANY designer clothing
-I love to shop
-I am usually a bubbly, friendly person
-I don't take ahem.... insults about me very well
-I love to answer your questions and make friends

I think that's all you need to know for now, but if you have any questions for me, comment below or in my guestbook on Stardoll at iiDorkieDino.

I really look forward to writing for Stardoll Philosophy, and I hope you enjoy my posts.

Tata for now,

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