Monday, April 18, 2011

LE out....

First of all I would like to feature JanaStarlite! She sent an outfit of her doll wearing the latest hotbuy! Be sure to leave a comment with your doll wearing the hotbuy next time!

On with the post:


Well...was out...I missed it and EVERYTHING I WANTED WAS GONE! So if anyone could make a trade with me or sell me some cheap when you can...ANYWHO:

pictures from

By the way, the reason I got my pictures from another blog is because they had a clear photo...if I got my own, all the prices would have crossed over them...

I really like this collection, and personally I wanted all the dresses (which didn't happen) but everything is bright, and neon! Very in with the whole spring feel!


  1. This was the best collection yet! :) I will be sure to post a picture of my medoll in the next hotbuy that comes out!


    That's the outfit I made with some of the LE :)