Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inappropriate shirt...and our kitties GROW? Creepy much...

So first, I was just in Boo's guestbook talking to usual, and I saw this comment:

Names have been crossed so you can't read them...

As usual, I am curious! I headed over to Bisou, which is what it is...not Bijou...and immediately saw the shirt:

I thought about it, and has circles where the
boobs busms are, but it's not like the shirt itself is nude colored really is a hard one...

But hey! It goes well with a nice outfit right?

By the way, yes, I totally overused to PPQ store! Love it!



So I was also looking through Stardoll comps and saw a cat one! It was related to the recent [stupid] cat 'LE' store that opened up... basically read the picture:

click to enlarge!

SO those creepy winky one eyed kitties [sorry to those who liked them!] GROW UP?!

Kay then...



  1. I love the little creatures! One of the reasons I spent a boatload of money on them is that very thing: They grow up! You see, I love cats (even though I own 2 chihuahuas) and can really enjoy them virtually. No litter boxes, see?

    Yep, I am really nuts.

  2. Oh, and I forgot: When I saw that sweater shirt, I almost puked. It's so ugly that I was wondering if I was seeing it correctly. Besides being hideous, though... I think it's harmless in terms of the circles where the breasts are. It would be different if the top itself were more "sexy" but since it's so incredibly ugly and has long sleeves FGS... well there you have it.